innovative and sustainable


On-site investigation of causes with the help of modern methods and expertise


We only use natural materials that are free from building biology defects for renovation work


Restoration of the already damaged wall surfaces with substance-preserving means


Elimination of the cause of the mold or advice on proper ventilation behavior

"The Wall Dryers"

A quality company with tradition

We are a quality company based in Austria. Through years of experience and expertise in the field of masonry and building renovation, we have established ourselves as the market leader with over 1000 completed projects and numerous satisfied customers. The plasters for damp masonry that we developed ourselves, POROment and KALKOpor, with their unique pore technology, have been an important part of our system solution for damp masonry and masonry contaminated with harmful salts for more than 20 years. As a professional service provider with an excellent reputation, we have made it our business to actively support both private customers and companies with passion in all work related to masonry drying, plastering and mould remediation as well as construction drying. Rely on "Die Mauertrockenleger" and ensure dry walls and a long-term, healthy feel-good climate.

Research and innovation

Through solid in-house research, we at Buschek guarantee innovative, high-quality solutions and permanent quality assurance.

Know-how and experience

For decades we have been implementing successful refurbishments and offer our customers the necessary security through competence and experience.

safe, fast, sustainable

Our masonry drying, flanked by the unique Buschek plasters, ensures rapid drying of the masonry.


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